October 2015

Quick Heal Gadget Securance: Stay Connected, Stay Fearless!


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It is not difficult to infer that there is this Nomophobia in all of us. It is the level of addiction and anxiety that varies. And, the good news is, Quick Heal has identified and diagnosed several cases of Nomophobia, and has come up with a cure called Quick Heal...

The Nomophobia World: Virtual is (UN)REAL

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Do you think your world is where your phone is? If yes, then welcome to the world of Nomophobia where virtual is the only real world. You love your smartphone and have a special psychological attachment to it. You constantly get back to your phone to check updates on social...

The New Generation Nomophobians: The World is where the Phone is!


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Psychiatrists spent years researching on drug and alcohol abuse trends among those aged 18-25 years. They devised effective treatment strategies for such abuses and were successful in completely curing teenagers and adults. Little did they know that a device called mobile phone can give rise to the biggest phobia the...

13 Tips to Avoid Online Scams this Festive Season


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Before you get on a shopping spree with so many offers running rampant on the Internet, here are 13 tips to avoid online scams this festive season. Tip#1. Never click on pop-up advertisements, even if they look genuine. Tip#2. Don’t respond to unwanted or unexpected promotional emails, even if the...

Google Stores All Your Voice Searches – Good Idea or Not?


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OK Google! This simple phrase converts Android smartphones into an endless treasure trove of instant searches controlled by simple voice commands. In many ways, the future is already here but do you know that Google actually stores records of every voice search you carry out? The data it collects is...

Why Cyber Security Becomes Necessary for Narendra Modi’s Digital India


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“I dream of a Digital India where cyber security becomes an integral part of our national security. The world is so worried about cyber security. One click can change a lot of things,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the launch of Digital India Week on July 1, 2015. Image...

WhatsApp and Google Drive Integration Just Around the Corner


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Losing a phone is never a pleasant experience, especially with the amount of data that is actually present on people’s smartphones today. Phone loss through theft or carelessness can be an expensive matter, and this is compounded further by all the information that is one the phone, amongst other things....

One Ring Scam! Don’t Return Missed Calls from Unknown International Numbers

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Returning missed calls from unknown or unexpected International numbers can cost you or at the least, make you a likable target for online scammers and cyber criminals. Know how by reading the rest of post below. We are talking here about the ‘One Ring Scam’, a racket that has been...

Beware of the Hidden Threats of Corrupted Software Files!


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From a minimal calendar app, to a jazzy media player or a popular PC game, we all love downloading freebies from the Internet. And this common interest of ours is just well too known by attackers. Downloadable files on the Internet are one of the most common mediums used by...